Earth Scientist // Athlete // Creative
Earth Science M.S.
University of California, Santa Barbara
Having spent decades with one foot in the academic science realm and the other in the outdoor sports industry, I have found myself a constant source of scientific perspective, innovative direction, and creative thought for individuals and companies spanning a vast and diverse community network.
The outdoor industry and space is on a path well past market saturation, as is evident by the lines of seemingly identical booths at Outdoor Retailer. Todays market space requires unique perspective, environmental responsibility & action, as well as an aesthetic true to the roots of a company or movement.
While marketing agencies are ubiquitous, finding an actual scientist to help guide your direction whether through deck creation to lay foundations for ideas, creative direction, copywriting, creative writing & storytelling, or events can be difficult. Through a coalescence of my passions and requests from the community I have built around myself, I find myself in a unique place to provide these services.
I am open to inquiries, ideas, collaborations, or contracts from companies of varying size and budgets. Whether you are looking to launch into the industry and find traction or you are a stalwart looking for progressive direction to apply new ideas and funds, I am passionate for us to evolve together.