Dillon Osleger is an Earth Scientist, storyteller and athlete drawn to stories anchored to the confluence of the outdoor industry and community’s relationship with natural and rapidly changing environments.

Whether cycling at a professional level, establishing new backcountry ski descents, or writing creative pieces on landscapes or events, I strive to impart my own voice that comes from a history of studying and playing in the outdoors. I believe imparting intrinsic value upon a landscape is equally as valuable as expressing its utilitarian value. Whether this value is expressed through words, education, images, or design I find passion in making it my own.

Dillon holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Earth Science, as well as minors in Hydrology and Microbiology, which have set him on a course to combine science, conservation and storytelling.

Currently, Dillon works as the Executive Director of Sage Trail Alliance, a conservation and trails nonprofit. Dillon serves as an advisor for several other conservation nonprofits from Santa Barbara to Tahoe, CA.

Academic Background

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