Trails, Science, Sustainability

Decades of experience in trails, natural science, government partnerships, land conservation, and political advocacy

Whether through nonprofit work, individual corporate programs, or sector applied lobbying, my work has led to: tens of thousands of acres of conserved lands, specific language in local, state and federal legislation, multi million dollar sustainability departments and foundations, as well as dozens of miles of publicly accessible trails across the country.

Trail Design

Over 100 miles of trail designed for clients including: US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, multiple land trusts, Better Place Forests, and private clients.


Multiple white papers and internal decks produced to drive marketing and actions through literature research, hypothesis testing, and historical analysis.


Leverage broad spectrum ideas for tackling corporate responsibilities with actionable stories – climate neutrality plans, foundation investment strategies, and short course seminars for employees.

Let’s make your work more impactful

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