Photo – Johnie Gall


If you’ve found yourself here, perhaps you’re interested in working together. My work includes writing, production, and photography for editorial, still, and motion digital media – a one person package if you will.

If you’d like to read a few of my editorial pieces with bylines in outlets and brands like Patagonia, Teva, and the LA Times – click here.

If you’re after film production, either creative story or product focused, take a peek here.

If the above needs are filled by in house staff, but you find yourself needing model talent for a shoot or an ambassador who can double as an athlete and fluent climate advocate, well you’re in luck. Click right here.

Other needs I can help take care of include – zine production, copy writing, social media content, nonprofit consulting, and corporate climate consulting. Just take a pop over to this page, and contact me.

Photo – Johnie Gall
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