Let’s Work Together


Whether for work or recreation, I can be found at the forefront of advocacy in capitol buildings or deep in wild places. I lean on partners to make the most of these ventures by creating content for brands that serves to support their mission while broadening the impact of my intended objectives.

I have provided written stories, digital media, and public speaking for a host of brands across the size and cost spectrum. Let me know your values and needs via email.

Branding and Copy

Beyond my own story, I have excelled at understanding and telling that of others. Whether you want to hit the mark with your latest marketing campaign, finesse your website text, or need strategic guidance in developing your brand to endear consumers in the outdoor and environmental space I can help.

I have worked with nonprofits, farmers, startups, brands, and media companies to develop, refine and present their stories in the best light possible.

Clients that trust my work

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